Robben Island Crossing 8th March 2014

Number three!

Whilst scrolling through my phone messages Friday night (7 March) I came across a note posted by Motti. “Hi, Roy and I are doing a Blouberg Robben Island swim tomorrow morning. We may need an observer. Anyone available? ?”

My sea swimming mates were doing a Robben Island crossing without me, and so a couple of phone calls later, and after a bit of doubt and in-decision on my side, I became the 4th crazy person on this my 3rd crossing.



We met at Oceana Power Boat Club 6:30am the next day, all nerves and excitement. After meeting Keith, Arend and Kyle, we set off to the island. Arend regularly checked the water temperature as he steered us to the island. We prayed for 3 things – warm temp, sun on our back, and the fastest route to Big Bay, Blouberg, oh yes to get there safely!


A cloudy sky with a bit of sky peeping through, good sign; the swell was heading in the direction of Big Bay, and the temp was rising as we closed in on this world famous landmark.



All smiles while we get ready, do we look nervous?



About to take the plunge and swim to the island…

RI3.10And we’re off


 The Classic shot



Feeding time


And then we saw land!


We have landed


Then a short swim back to the boat for our trip to Ocean Power Boat Club.


DCIM100GOPROPhotographer and competent “second” Kyle, thanks for the pictures, well captured. And to our skipper Arend, super support and great route.

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