Precious Time with Jonathan

Precious time was spent on the farm over the festive season.

Jonathan with his SIMS, a game that enables him to build a house from scratch, plus he can place a family in it! Amazing technology! Simply watching him in a role-play of his life on the screen saddened me, as well as gladdened me at the same time. Life is precious but specially when you have so little time on earth. I got the chance to test out his hospital bed, maneuvering it about with just a push of a button. Terrific piece of equipment, and it’s definitely easing the lives of many people.

Jonathan in Gogo’s garden December 2010

Chloe with her golden locks! Just seeing her so happy, and ensconced in her new life gladdened me immensely. I was able to run a brush through her mane each day, go for long walks, and watch her swim and swim in all the dams on the farm. My screen saver is a picture of her taken lounging on the lush green lawn at the main house.

I miss our walks on the mountain with Leo.

Precious time had and will continue.

Chloe December 2010

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