Plakkerskamp Bonnievale

We left Cape Town at midday our destination Bonnievale with Dave Robertson. The mission: to photograph Plakkerskamp just outside the town.  Acting as an assistant, I walked through the camp with Dave, surround poverty. But also made up of proud inhabitants who welcomed us into their homes. Walking around surround by big eyed kids all wanting to be in the picture. Lazy dogs asleep, playful puppies bouncing around in their owner’s yards.

Across the way a brick factory with it’s pyramid billowing smoke, cooking the bricks. A pig farm sitting atop the old squatter campsite that is adjacent to the new camp.

Then the crèche where kids go to school each day, taught by dedicated teachers, all fed from a green veggie garden next door. At break time, kids play outside on brightly coloured jungle gyms, a sand pit for the young ones and a lawn where the older ones play tug at war.

House proud, happy, sad, caring, dusty, dark green spinach what a moving experience, appreciate what you have, give back.

Plakkerskamp, Bonnievale is but one such place, how many more out there that need our care?

Plakkerkamp, Bonnievale, Aug 2010

Coming soon a book documenting this Plakkerskamp by Dave Robertson

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