October 2012 Orange River Family Adventure

What an adventure it was!

My boet and family plus two junior friends flew to Cape Town from Mpumalanga, then we all drove up the West Coast to Vioolsdrift, crossed the border into Namibia and then onto Felix Unit base camp. The aim, to paddle the down the mighty Orange River for 4 days 3 nights, an epic river holiday with family and friends.

On our way up in our hired combi we stopped at:


Paternoster beach front                                     Lambert’s Bay gannet colony  IMG_5917



Spent our first night at Doringbaai, next to the lighthouse was Fryers Cove Winery. Supper at the Cabin Restaurant – food cooked and plated by 72yr old lady, it has been a family run  business for the last 25 yrs!

IMG_5929 IMG_5934

Kammieskroon, to stretch to our legs and check out this quaint  town before we hit the road to Springbok.


Last “food” stop in Springbok and then off to the border post at Vioolsdrift.

Moses and Hendriette welcomed us with a braai the first evening, whilst munching on our braai meat gave us the load down on the trip. The supplied us with 2 white bins each which we had to fill with our clothing, bedding, snacks, was this possible?  You know us girls, can’t pack light!


After breakfast the next day all 15 of us headed down to the river, packed our boats – group photo:


Angus, Hans, Sarah, Adrian, Bruce, Emma, Lottie, Mags, Emily, Theo, Frank, Ang, Hazel, Ben, Steve. Picture taken by Moses Ngoma, our legendary guide.


“paddling twins” Sarah/Emma & Hans/Angus – vests bought at Mr Price in Springbok!



Floating down a rapid before our first night stop

Sarah stirring the pan and Ang helping Moses with the evening meal.


Fly fishing, tenting, rock climbing…

Frank in his “speedo”

A herder and his flock of goats, feeding near to where we had lunch.

Angus and Hans fishing! note no drums in canoe….


Lottie and her “rock family”


The Winsor family from Durbanville

Frank and Theo’s “palace”on the last night and the kids campsite.

SUNSET over the Orange…

The end of the trip, Bertie took us back to base camp.

Springbok B&B on our way back to Cape Town – nice comfortable beds.

Muisbosskerm for our farewell lunch, what a treat, delicious food.

The end of an unforgettable holiday with my boet and his family, thank you

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