Harmony Farm December 2012

Every child’s dream is to spend a summer holiday on a farm. Once upon a time we did live on a “real” farm called Harmony. Jersey cows with a dairy – fresh milk and butter, pigs, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, banana’s, avocados, dams for fishing and fresh free SPACE. All has changed now, the only animals are dogs, and the produce avocados and macadamia nuts, but the my early years on the farm are ingrained.

I’m super fortunate to be able to visit Harmony often, specially over the December holidays.

IMG_0046The 3 Lowveld brothers together.


Dear Mitzi, getting on in years. Content to sit in the shade while the other dogs play.

Family enjoying sundowners at Story Dam which was home to a few hippo’s.


 Cousins for lifeIMG_0064

Who’s hair is the longest?


Grannies, Matt carving, Julie supervising, Ang selling mustard? Or is it the new dress?

Kids playing.

IMG_0080Our house has been invaded!IMG_0091






Christmas table for 19, outdoors on B & A’s stoep, a candle lit feast on Harmony Farm! IMG_0098


Boxing Day fun


Ang and her dogs, on the dog couch. Where is Dolly?

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