5th Robben Island Crossing

Robben Island with Bettina
28 April 2017

Oceana Power Boat Club, Granger Bay, Cape Town

Yet another crossing, this time with Bettina Taylor, after attempting 2 skins crossings and failed (skin means no wet-suit) she decided to conquer the distance in a wet-suit. I volunteered to be her swimming partner.

We had a week waiting period, and eventually decided on a day that would best suit us both, Marc Cohen picked us up at Ocean Power Boat Club and off we headed to the island. Luckily we were not going to be the only swimmers in the water that day, 4 other boats were taking people across, Annabelle Slingerland from Holland being one of them. She was flying home that night and this was her last chance to attempt a crossing.

Bettina Taylor, me, Lindsay de Kock, Santie van der Merwe, Annabella Slingerland, Koos van der Merwe
Annabella Slingerland, Sandi Sher (Tsiba), Koos van der Merwe








We were soon getting into our stride, comfortable stroke for stroke, then at about half way a seal pup decided to mess with our heads. Shame all it wanted to do is play, but we were having none of it as we needed to get to land before Bettina started getting cold. I even swam around to the other side of the boat to get away from it, but it followed!

Seal pup with Bettina and I
Boatman Marc Cohen, me, Marius van Zyl (second), Bettina







Big Bay rocks soon loomed ahead, and with a comfortable landing we had made it. Luke Taylor gave us our bags and we headed off to the public change rooms to get changed.

Koos van der Merwe & Annabelle Slingerland
Beach Bay Beach, soaking up the sun