4th Robben Island crossing

My 4th Robben Island crossing with Tony Sellmeyer and friends
14 April 2016

Flat, calm water of the Atlantic ocean awaits us but little did we know about looming the jelly fish infestation, on this momentous swim, yes Tony Sellmeyer’s 50th crossing!

All prepped for our swim to Blouberg, we slid into the water and swam towards a rocky spot on the island close to the old jetty, (CLDSA rules state that you have to start on land and finish on land – standing), 1-2-3 and we were off, negotiating our way back through the the kelp beds towards our waiting support boats.

Not long into the swim and we hit the first mine field of jelly fish, I got “hit” under my arm, this stopped me in my tracks, I looked around to see if anyone else had experienced what I had, nobody, they were all still swim ahead! Not keen to end my swim, I put my head down and swam, not easy as I kept my eyes open trying to miss the jellies. Big problem as I always keep my eyes shut when my face is in the water, keeps the fear away!

We eventually got through them jellies and managed to swim some distance before they truck again. My head went into a spin again, but I could not let the side down, and so dug deep and swam forward.

Kevin Andersson and I shared a boat, and he most definitely helped get me to the finish. I got tied as we approached the rocks at the start of the bay at Big Bay, and so Kev took the lead. We then hit a strong current near the end which took us the other side of the rocks on the right hand side of the bay. Eventually we stood on land, and after tackling strong current in the shallows, we were greeted by our supporters.

Photo’s commemorating this were taken and off we headed back to Oceana Power Boat Club. No lingering celebrations for me as i had to head off to work in Constantia.

Thank Heinrich, Andrew, Monika, JP, Keitha, TONY, me, Scotty, Mel, Kevin, Motti, Meri